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Five Lead - A Premium Affiliate Network has launched its Operations in India.

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Cost Per Action/CPA Affiliate Marketing

Cost per Action/CPA, An affiliate marketing program where advertiser pay only when visitor perform definite action, the detailed action is completely specified by the advertiser.

The Lead or the function projected by the advertiser could be any of the following:

  • Newsletter Sign-Up
  • Form Filling
  • Review Writing
  • Sale Of a Product, ETC

If visitor completes any of the tasks drafted by advertiser, the action is triggered and associated publishers are benefited by the pre-defined profit.

CPA Affiliate marketing enables merchants to pay only after require action is performed. This effective advertising method has attracted lots of merchants from last many years and is helpful in bringing potential customers to their sites.

CPA Advertising is performance based marketing campaign with lower monetary risk to the advertisers than other affiliate marketing programs like CPM or CPC.

CPA affiliate networks offers the customized solutions for Advertisers/Merchants. It provides Publishers/Affiliates with the opportunity to get connected with advertisers as well as they got rewarded for deriving conversions.

Five Lead is a leading CPA Advertising Network in India that helps advertiser to find the relevant site where they can promote their products and at the same time it provide publishers a platform where they can monetize their traffic. Advertisers or merchants can choose the best among the several options.

Allow us to manage your CPA Advertising.

Earn revenue and join our Publisher ad network or gain business and join our Advertisers Network in India, for any query contact our experts at +91 (0) 886-049-3655. You can also write to us at or at RH International Ltd, D-67, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase I, New Delhi - 110020 INDIA.