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Five Lead - A Premium Affiliate Network has launched its Operations in India.

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Cost Per Sale/CPS Affiliate Marketing

CPS Affiliate marketing belongs to online sales campaign where client’s motive is to sale their products online through banner ads. CPS (Cost per sale) campaign promises higher revenue every time than any other campaign.

If you have a website or blog with reasonable traffic and you want to monetize your web traffic, then you are on the best place. Fivelead India's fastest growing CPS Affiliate Program where you can find all class of CPS campaigns like that of Health Products, Diet Program, and Gadgets etc. We have many Indian and international clients who want to sell their products at discounted prices. We stand out as a best CPS Affiliate Network in India with amazing opportunities for advertisers and great payout for affiliates.

The people having their own email database and have provision to send emails to users can also take advantage from these CPS Affiliate Programs, as CPS campaigns are best suited for email marketing. Proper follow up and chasing your opt in list can lead to high quality sales.

The astonishing ROI from CPS Affiliate marketing made it the most famous program nationally and internationally. This campaign is most popular among the ecommerce advertisers as the numbers of products on those sites are very huge. The provision is to share fixed percentage or a fixed amount on per sale basis with affiliates.

Our portal is open to the people who want to earn money via their impressive traffic and have the capabilities to convert their traffic for our valued advertisers.

Earn revenue and join our Publisher ad network or gain business and join our Advertisers Network in India, for any query contact our experts at +91 (0) 886-049-3655. You can also write to us at or at RH International Ltd, D-67, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase I, New Delhi - 110020 INDIA.