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Five Lead - A Premium Affiliate Network has launched its Operations in India.

*We have upgraded our portal and merged all the data to the new portal. Signup Link - Kindly signup in new portal and start accessing the new campaigns. Signup Link -

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Merchant Faq

How can you be a merchant?

One of the primary Ad Networks in India, FiveLead charge onetime fee of Rs.25, 000/- to setup a campaign for merchants and you need to add a deposit of Rs.10 000/- in your account to start your campaign. This amount will be credited as your account balance. After that you need to top up your account when ever required. We provide you access to real-time tracking and reporting. Now we are offer NO-SETUP FEE option for first 100 Merchants. Contact our sales-person now at +91(0)886-049-3655

What type of reporting will be provided by FiveLead?

Reporting tools includes Campaigns Performance Report, Individual Publisher Report, Transaction Report and Referral Report. Co-reg Reports includes Leads Delivered, Accepted, and Returned with the amount. You can also download all the Accepted Leads directly from the website.

What sort of customer support does FiveLead offer?

As one of the greatest advertiser’s network in India, FiveLead offers wide range of support for all our services. We also offer Dedicated Account Managers (DAM) at a little cost, that you will have to pay additionally. It is really effective. Questions, problems, enquiries or feedback can be emailed to alternatively you can call our helpline at +91(0)886-049-3655 to request assistance.

How will I find Publishers to join my Campaigns?

Your campaign will be advertised on the FiveLead website. Publishers who join FiveLead will always have an option to join your campaign. You can also submit a news article to advertise your campaign in News & Event Center. This will be sent to FiveLead for approval before publishing it in the Publishers’ site or in the main website.

How do I transfer money into my FiveLead account?

Topping up your account is easy and can be done either by BACS/wire transfer or by Credit Card. Contact FiveLead for more options at +91(0)886-049-3655

How much time does it take to get the first campaign started?

On receipt of a signed agreement, a merchant welcome pack will be sent to you along with the tracking code you can cut and paste it into your order confirmation page. After that you can log into your campaign and upload your banners/contents. We provide the tracking code within 12 hours and then you can simply log in.

If I'm currently active on another network, can I transfer to FiveLead?

Yes! You can, hence check the terms and conditions of your current marketing provider.

Get in touch with our affiliate marketing managers In India by making a call at +91 (0) 886-049-3655. You can also write to us at or at RH International Ltd, D-67, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase I, New Delhi - 110020 INDIA.