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Five Lead - A Premium Affiliate Network has launched its Operations in India.

*We have upgraded our portal and merged all the data to the new portal. Signup Link - Kindly signup in new portal and start accessing the new campaigns. Signup Link -

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Publisher Faq

How to join FiveLead India as a publisher?

FiveLead is a Publisher Ad Network in India, Set up a publisher account in FiveLead is totally free. You can simply fill up the form available in Publisher Registration Page of FiveLead India. We review your website before getting back to you. Usually within 48 working hours we get in contact with the concerned person. We take time to review your website and if it follows our guideline we approve your sign up request.

Who is a publisher?

Website owners / Bloggers / Email List Owners, who wish to generate income by maintaining the traffic to their websites, are called Publishers. Publishers carry banners, buttons & text links etc to promote the Merchants / Advertisers and there by earns a reasonable amount of commission based on the results generated by the advertising or traffic. Publishers are the integral part of Affiliate publisher network. We maintain the contact with the publishers with the help of CPA network, CPC network, etc.

How will I be paid?

We as a leading Publisher Network India assure you a considerable amount of money each month but you should at least generate a sum of Rs. 500/- to receive the payments. If your earning is less than the minimum amount, it will be carried forward to the following month.

How are payments made?

All payments are made by BACS/Wire Transfer. We believe in quick payments. Payments will be transferred on the last day of every month by considering the amount of commission you earned on the previous month. We do self-invoicing; no need to send the invoices anymore; however you can update the invoice figures according to your accounts in the Invoices menu.

Which types of websites are restricted on FiveLead network?

We do not accept pornographic websites or websites that promote links to pornographic sites. We do not allow websites having excessive popup, spyware/malware and illegal content. The websites with illegal contents will be disqualified.

How is a Merchant different from a publisher?

A publisher always advertise the Merchant's products or services on their websites, whereas, a Merchant would like to attract more visitors to their website to sell more of their products or services. In simple words merchants plays the role of a host in affiliate marketing.

Get in touch with primary Publisher Ad Network In India by making a call to us at +91 (0) 886-049-3655 or you can also get in touch with one of our FiveLead Support team member. You can also write to us at or at RH International Ltd, D-67, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase I, New Delhi - 110020 INDIA.